Agendas & Minutes

  • 7 p.m.
  • 2nd Tuesday of every month
  • City Hall
    Council Chambers
All meetings of the City Council shall be held in the Council chambers in the City Hall unless the Council determines that an emergency or public convenience or necessity requires that a public meeting of the City Council be held elsewhere than in the Council chambers, in which case the meeting shall be held in a place as the City Council shall designate with respect to the particular meeting.The determination and the designation of the place of the meeting shall be made by the City Council at a meeting held not less than 3 days prior to the meeting to be held elsewhere than in the Council chambers. 

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An agenda of a forthcoming meeting of the City Council, kept continually current by the City Clerk, shall be available for public inspection at the office of the City Clerk from the time when notice of the meeting is published or broadcast and posted. 

The agenda may not be amended after 5 p.m. on the day preceding any regular meeting unless a majority of the members of the City Council determine other business to be added to the agenda to be of an emergency nature. 

Subsequent to any meeting of the City Council there shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk a copy of the original agenda and any additions or changes thereto that were made together with a statement that the agenda was kept continually current and available for public inspection in the office of the City Clerk. 

NOTE: For agendas or Council minutes prior to 1998, please see the City Clerk.