Library Board

Regular Meetings
  • 12:30 p.m.
  • 1st Friday of every month
  • Bayard Public Library
    509 Avenue A
    Bayard, NE 69334
  • Tula Cundall, President
    Term expires: 2016
  • Brenda Cook, Vice President
    Term expires: 2015
  • Kym Fries, Secretary
    Term expires: 2015
  • Jeanette Thompson, Member
    Term expires: 2016
  • Marilyn Wimmer, Member
    Term expires: 2016
The Library Board consists of 5 members, appointed by the Mayor and City Council for a 4-year term. Members of the Library Board must be owners of or tenants in real property in the City of Bayard and be qualified electors of the City.


The purpose of the Library Board is to oversee operations of the Bayard Public Library, including the general charge of the library and to establish appropriate rules and regulations for the management, operations, and use of the Library.