Baseball/Softball Programs

Summer Baseball/Softball creates some of the best childhood memories. Bayard has an extensive Summer Baseball/Softball Program. Register now and plan to participate.
$40 for:
  • Major (ages 11-13 as of 01/31/2020; includes shirt & visor)
  • Minor (ages 9-10 as of 01/31/2020; includes shirt & visor)
  • Rookie (ages 7-8 as of 01/31/2020; includes shirt & visor)
$30 for:
  • T-Ball (Girls and Boys Combined) (Ages 5-6 include as of 1/31/20; includes shirt & visor)

**Registration Deadline is April 10, 2020, or a $15.00 late fee will be after to registrations turned in after due date. No registration refund will be granted after registration is received. 

**Family discount for families enrolling 3 or more players is $15/child off total registration**


Registration forms:

 Baseball & Softball form 2020

For registration applications, contact Kalena Perry, Jennifer Kriha, Mike Harimon, Jenny Houchin, or Marie Brown. Please turn your completed Registration forms and fees into the Bayard Elementary Principle’s Office, the City of Bayard Office, or mail them to Bayard Organized Baseball PO Box 82 Bayard, NE 69334

 Elementary School: 308-586-1121
Elementary: 308-586-1211