Boards, Commissions, & Committees

The City of Bayard's Planning Commission function is to make and adopt plans for physical development of the municipality, including areas outside its boundaries, in the Commission's judgement, that bear relation to the planning of the the city.   

Zoning Regulations: 

Ordinance #669- City of Bayard Zoning Regulations 

Ordinance #775- Sub Division Regulations

Zoning Map: 

Bayard Zoning Map

Planning Commission Minutes:

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The purpose of the CRA is to study and designate areas of the city in need of improvement and development. This body can determine the types of improvements or developments needed and recommend appropriate means for funding such improvements or developments for the maximum benefit to the city’s taxpayers. The CRA can borrow money, issue bonds, conduct public hearings, undertake investigations, surveys, appraisals, and ask for a levy of taxes. 

CRA Minutes:



The purpose of this report is to provide recommendations to the City Council concerning the changes needed in downtown Bayard. In 2017, the Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) developed and recommended this project be adopted. In May of 2017, the City Council approved the CRA's recommendation through the resolution to support this plan. 

This document is provided for general information, funds are being sought for the planning stage of this project. 

The purpose of the Board of Health is to provide rules, regulations, and enforcement of sanitary matters, and occurrences of nuisances. It is to help promote the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Bayard. This purpose includes protecting neighborhoods against hazardous and deteriorating conditions that contribute to the degradation of neighborhood property values.

Board of Health Minutes:


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Problem Resolution Team was established to abate nuisances and mitigate properties that are deteriorating, damaged or substandard, or that present housing code or building code violations, or health and sanitary concerns. 

The Problem Resolution Team shall consist of ten (10) members including a chairperson and a vice-chairperson, who shall be appointed by the Mayor, with the approval of the City Council.  The Problem Resolution Team shall meet a minimum of six times per year.  Meetings will be held at the City Hall.  

The function of the Problem Resolution Team is to gather relevant information, share information among public agencies, respond to citizen complaints, identify nuisance issues, code violations, and other concerns within the city to insure the health and safety of the public is maintained and make recommendations to the Board of Health for resolution of issues that cannot be resolved through the mediation process adopted by the Problem Resolution Team.

Ordinance #776- Property Maintenance Code

PRT Minutes:



The Tree Board is responsible for developing tree programs and recommended matters relating to trees to the Mayor and City Council. The Tree Board on an will submit recommendations to the City Council plans for tree care, reforestation projects, and plan & conduct the annual Arbor Day Celebration. 

Tree Board Minutes: 


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Tree board
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The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial body that hears appeals for variances from the zoning regulations. The board also serves as a building board of review and may resolve differences in the interpretation of the building codes. All decisions by this body are final.