Tree Dedications

The Bayard Tree Dedication Sign was developed by the Treed Board as a permanent memorial to those who have received a tree planted honoring them and as a way for the public to locate such trees. 

The sign has leaves inscribed with the name(s), location, and a number that helps to locate each dedicated tree. To use this system, simply determine which park or location your tree is located in. Afterwards, find the number on leave to help you look for the corresponding number on the tree you are looking for. Each dedicated tree will have an orange tag with a number that matches the leaf.  
#1 Mitch Dahmke, Library Park 
#2 Bayard Youth, Elementary School 
#3 Harvey Eirich, Elementary School 
#4 Cesar Jimenz, Library Park 
#5 Larry Sanchez, Pool Park 
#6 Otto Stelk, Pool Park 
#7 Boy Scouts, Genoway's Hall
#8 US Troops, Libary Park 
#9 Mary George, Genoway's Hall
#10 Diana Henson, Genoway's Hall
#11 Margaret Pankowski, Genoway's Hall
#12 Lonnie Wickard, Elementary School 
#13 Senator Phil Erdman, Library Park 
#14 Beverly McDaniel, Library Park 
#15 Jeanne Heath, Library Park 
#16 Janet Ensser, High School 
#17 Gene & Alfretta Claver, Library Park 
#18 Gene & Alfretta Claver, Library Park 
#19 Marilyn & Delbert Wimmer, Library Park
#20 Karen & John Siegfried, Library Park 
#21 Kerman Family, Pool Park 
#22 Lloyd & Viola Steele, Pool Park
#23 Jim Smith, Pool Park
#24 Dick Simmons, Pool Park
#26 Ernie & Lucy Vera, Pool Park
ernie and lucy vera plaque
Vera Tree Dedication