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City of Bayard


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Animal Licenses

It shall be unlawful for any resident to own, harbor, keep or possess a domestic animal within the corporate limits of the city without first procuring a license; except for any person visiting in the city for a period of not exceeding 30 days and owning or possessing a domestic animal currently licensed and bearing a license issued by another municipality or another licensing authority.

  • The owner of, or person having any domestic animal in charge shall make application to the Clerk and provide the information as may be required which shall include the type of animal, the sex, the coloring and the name of the domestic animal.
  • If the domestic animal is a spayed female, a statement of a licensed veterinarian verifying that fact must accompany the application.

Applications for domestic animal licenses must be accompanied by fees which shall be established by resolution by the City Council.

  • All domestic animal licenses shall be issued beginning January 1 and expiring December 31. Upon receipt of an application and payment of the required fees, the Clerk shall issue a receipt designating the owner’s name, the number of the license to be issued and the amount paid. 
    • At the same time the Clerk shall issue a metal tag bearing the number corresponding to the number on the receipt and the tag shall be known as the license.
  • No domestic animal shall be licensed as provided in this section unless the owner or applicant therefore shall first provide satisfactory proof from the office of a veterinary surgeon, who is licensed and practicing in this state, to the effect that the domestic animal has been vaccinated for rabies. 

License Fee

Dog or Cat - Not Spayed/Neutered: $20.00

Dog or Cat - Spayed/Neutered: $15.00